AC Market – Download | Install For Android, PC, iOS

AC Market for Android, or ACMarket APK as it is popularly known, is an Android application and belongs on the top of apps that are most commonly downloaded by Android users on their devices.

With over 87.5 percent of Smartphone users in the world using Android devices, being a popular application means that millions of people use the ACMarket application on their equipment regularly.

If you are someone who loves to explore new Android apps, or if you have just migrated to Android from iOS and want to know more about popular applications for Android, then you need to know more about the ACMarket APK.

For those among you interested to know in-depth about ACMarket APK, today we bring you a detailed article on the ACMarket app. Apart from details such as about the application, its features, and how to download and install ACMarket on any Android device, we will also be including crucial other information and answers to most frequently asked questions about the ACMarket Android app.

About AC Market for Android

Ac Market Download for Android
Ac Market Download for Android

AC Market is an Android application that works as a marketplace where users can download and install apps on their Android devices. 

Well, after reading the above description about ACMarket application, the most apparent doubt that most of the people who are not much aware of the ACMarket app will have is that when there is an official Android app store with the name Google Play Store, why is there a requirement for an additional app market such as the ACMarket?

To answer the above question in detail, as the Google Play Store is the official Android app store, it has several terms and restrictions, which means that any application has to undergo certain inspections before being listed on the Google Play Store.

Moreover, if, at any particular point, any form fails to meet and adhere to the terms and conditions established by Google within the Play Store, the app can be removed without any warning from the Play Store.

Apart from all that, developers of Android apps listed within the Google Play Store have to pay a fee to Google for every purchase that is done towards the application, regardless of whether the purchase was made to buy the app itself or as in-app purchases.

So, because of the restrictions and issues mentioned above and more, not all Android applications are listed on the Google Play Store.

AC Market, on the other hand, is a third-party app store, which means that the application works independently and has no relation with the Google Play Store. Moreover, the use itself not listed in the Google Play Store.

Therefore, within the ACMarket application, you can find a plethora of applications that are not present within the Google Play Store. 

Well, not just apps that are not available in the Google Play Store, but the ACMarket app also features apps that are present in the Play Store. This ensures that the ACMarket Android application can be used to download and install both apps that are available in the Google Play Store and apps that aren’t.

File info

Ac Market

Download Ac Market

App Name Ac Market
File Type APK
Version v4.6.6
Size 21.1MB
Language English
Supported Devices Android 4.0+ , PC, iOS
Last Updated on Oct 10 2019


Now that you know the description of official ACMarket APK let us quickly take you through the features that are supported by the application.

  • No Root Required: This is, without a doubt, one of the outstanding features of AC Market.
  • To install and use any other third-party app store for Android, you will have first to root your device.
  • Which significantly affects the security and operational efficiency of your device.
  • However, you do not have to root or perform any other tweaks on your device to install and run this application.
  • Versions available for Windows and macOS: If you love using this application on your Android device and want to enjoy the same experience on a Windows or macOS powered machine, then you can do the same.
  • Free Tweaked Versions of Premium Apps: Apart from offering free app titles, AC Market also features open and tweaked versions of applications that are paid premium titles in the Google Play Store.
  • Easy to Download and Install: Despite not being listed in the Google Play Store, the official AC Market APK is extremely easy to download and install on any Android device.
  • You will face absolutely no hassles while installing the APK file on any compatible device.
  • Simple User Interface: The AC Market app features a straightforward user interface that resembles the Google Play Store in terms of features and functionalities.
  • You can quickly get used to the AC Market application and the way it functions without any issues.
  • One-Click Download for Apps: Just like the Google Play Store, the AC Market app also has a one-click “Install” button for apps.
  • This means that you can download and install any application from the AC Market store just with a single click.
  • Free Application for All: AC Market is free to download and install on any device running an Android version that is compatible with the application.
  • No Annoying Ads or Popups: Free apps always mean annoying pop-ups and advertisements, right? Well, NO! The AC Market app does not feature any advertisements or popups, which ensures an enjoyable user experience.
  • All Latest Apps and Updates Are Present: AC Market regularly updates its directory with the latest applications that are made available for the Android operating system.
  • Apart from that, all the latest versions of existing Android apps are also made available within AC Market as soon as the developers of the app release them.
  • Quick Download of Apps: AC Market allows you to download an application at a remarkably faster speed than any competing third-party app store available for the Android OS.
  • The application periodically receives new updates that include fixes for known bugs and performance issues, tweaks for existing features.
  • The inclusion of new apps and features, etc. So to be sure that you enjoy all the benefits, make sure to always update the AC Market APK to its latest available version.

Is AC Market APK Safe to Use?

  • As we mentioned in the above section, the AC Market application is not officially supported by Google, even though it hosts all the apps available for the Android operating system.
  • Moreover, the AC Market APK itself isn’t listed on the Google Play Store.
  • So, you might be thinking about whether it is safe to download, install, and use the AC Market application on your device, especially considering privacy and data security issues.
  • To answer your question in the most natural way possible, Yes, it is safe to use the official AC Market application on any Android device.

How to Download and Install AC Market on Android?

Enable unknown resources to install app
Enable unknown resources to install app

By now, you know very well about the AC Market application and would most likely want to install the app on your device. However, if you have been reading this article till now, then you also know that the AC Market APK is not available on the Google Play Store.

  • Well, then how can you download and install the AC Market app on any Android device?
  • To do the same, you need to manually download the official AC Market Android APK file from the internet on to your device, launch the APK installer, and then get the app installed on your device.
  • If you are installing an Android APK for the first time and want a detailed step-by-step guide on how to install the latest AC Market APK on any Android device of your choice, we have got you covered.
  • To complete the installation of the application, all you have to do is follow the sequence of steps that are listed below in the same order that they mentioned.
  • The first step involved in downloading and installing the AC Market APK on any Android device is to download the latest official AC Market APK file.
  • To download the APK, click here. Also, while downloading the file, make sure to download the file directly to your Android device, which makes it easier for the installation.
  • However, if you are downloading the AC Market APK file to a computer or other device, copy and paste the APK file to your device’s internal or external storage before proceeding with the further steps mentioned below.
  • Now that the APK file is downloaded and available on your Android device, you need to click once on the APK file to begin the installation of the application. You can navigate to the APK file within your device with the help of a File Manager application.
  • Most modern Android devices come with a File Manager application installed in them.
  • However, if your device does not have a File Manager app pre-installed, then you can download a third-party File Manager application from the Google Play Store and use the same.
  • When you click on the APK file present on your Android device, the installation of the application on your device will automatically begin.
  • The installation of the certificate will take a couple of minutes, so you will have to wait patiently until the installation completed.
  • Moreover, during the installation process, do not turn OFF or reboot your device as it may cancel the installation.
  • After the installation completes, you will get a “Success” message indicating that the application installed on your device.
  • To get started with the AC Market application, either go to the home screen or the app drawer on your device, where you will be able to find a new icon for the AC Market app.
  • Click on this icon, and you will then be able to use the latest official AC Market Android app.

How to Download and Install Any App from AC Market?

New release apps in Ac market App store
New release apps in Ac market App store

The above section explained to you on how to download and install the AC Market APK on any Android device of your choice.

  • However, the objective of the AC Market app is to let users download free apps and games from within the AC Market app on their devices.
  • So, for the first time users of AC Market, below are the steps you need to follow whenever you wish to search, download, and install any application from AC Market.
  • Launch the AC Market app on your device by clicking on the icon representing the app.
  • After the app launches on your device, you can then either make use of the search bar present at the top of the AC Market window to search and find any specific Android app that you are looking for.
  • However, if you are not looking for any specific Android application and want to explore, download, and install new apps from AC Market.
  • You can check out the various sections and categories available within AC Market, such as “Apps,” “Games,” and “Mods” to find applications that interest you.
  • Once you find the application from within AC Market that you wish to download and install on your device, tap on the particular form once to open the download page for the use.
  • When the app download page opens, you will be able to see a green-colored button labeled “Install” placed below the title of the application.
  • You can click on this button to download and install the app on your device. 
  • If you want to change the version of the app before choosing to install the app and want a previous version of the app installed on your device for any reason.
  • Then there is also an option to change the release of the application that you are about to download to any previous version of your choice.
  • You can change the release of the app by selecting the text of your choice from the list displayed to the left of the “Install” button.

AC Market iOS – Is AC Market Available on iOS?

AC Market iOS is among the most commonly searched phrases about the application. Just like on Android, even the iOS users are very much interested in getting to use free and tweaked versions of applications on their devices.

  • However, as you probably know already, Android applications cannot run natively on any iOS devices.
  •  Which means that the AC Market APK cannot be installed on any iOS-powered devices such as the iPhones, iPads, or iPods.
  • Also, the AC Market application is not available for the iOS operating system up until the latest version, and there is no official word or expectations regarding any new iOS version of AC Market application being developed or released anytime soon.

How to Resolve the ACMarket App Not Installed Error?

Even though you will not face any errors commonly while trying to install the AC Market application, at times, you may face the AC Market App Not Installed issue. If you are in search of a fix for the problem, then below are a few ways that can help you in resolving the issue 100%.

Solution 1: Free Up Storage Space

  • The most common reason why people face the AC Market App Not Installed issue is that they do not have enough storage space available on their device to install the AC Market application.
  • To fix this error, you need to free up some storage space on your device.
  • You can do the same by uninstalling any unused app on your device, deleting files such as images, videos, etc. and so on.
  • Once you have enough storage space for the application, try installing the AC Market application again, and the error should now be gone.

Solution 2: Download APK File Again

  • You might also be facing the AC Market App Not Installed error due to a corrupted APK file that you are trying to install on your device.
  • The APK file might have become damaged while downloading or while trying to move from your computer to your Android device.
  • Fixing corrupted APK file issue is quite easy as you have to re-download the APK file again from either the same or a different source and try to install the application again.
  • To reduce the chances of a corrupted APK file issue, try to download the APK file directly to your Android device and then install it.

Solution 3: Set Permissions for Third-Party App Install

  • If you have not allowed permissions on your device to install applications from third-party sources, then you will not be able to install AC Market on your device.
  • To enable installation of applications from third-party sources, launch the Settings app on your device and then click on the option that says “Security” and then click on the slider next to the option that says “Unknown Sources” to enable the same.
  • If prompted with any message, click on “Trust,” and that is it. You have now enabled the installation of apps from third-party unknown sources on your device.

Solution 4: Try a Different App Version

  •  Another possible issue could be that the version you are trying to install on your device is not compatible with your device for some reason.
  • If you feel this is the issue, then try installing a different version of the same application. While choosing a different version.
  • Try checking if there is a newer version of the app that you are trying to install. If there are no new versions available, then pick an older version and try installing the same on your device.

How to Download and Install ACMarket Windows?

For those who are interested in enjoying the features of the AC Market application on the Windows operating system, there is good news.

  • You can now easily download and install the Android version of the AC Market Windows version on your PC or laptop and use it the same way you would on an Android device.
  • If you wish to know the steps involved in installing ACMarket on Windows, then below is how you can achieve the same quickly without having to face any hassles.
  • To install the ACMarket Windows version on any PC, you will need to install additional software called BlueStacks on your Windows desktop or laptop.
  • BlueStacks is an Android emulator software that allows you to install and run Android apps on Windows devices.
  • You can download BlueStacks for Windows by clicking here and visiting the official website.
  • After you download and install the BlueStacks software on your Windows machine, go ahead and launch the software by double-clicking on the BlueStacks icon.
  • Once BlueStacks launches, login to the software using your Google account credentials.
  • Now, download the latest official ACMarket APK to your Windows computer by clicking here.
  • After the download completes, navigate to the downloaded APK file and using your mouse, right-click on the record.
  • From the drop-down menu that appears, click on the “Open With” option. From the list that follows, select “BlueStacks.”
  • Now the ACMarket APK file will be launched using BlueStacks.
  • If you are asked for any permissions, grant the same.
  • Wait for the installation to complete.
  • After the installation successfully finished, you will be able to see a new icon of the ACMarket app within your desktop.
  • Click on this icon to launch the app and start using it just like you would use the ACMarket app on Android.
  • While using ACMarket on Windows, any app that you download from within ACMarket will download to your Windows computer.
  • Moreover, to keep using ACMarket and any future Android apps you download using ACMarket.
  • you will need the BlueStacks application installed on your Windows computer, so do not uninstall it unless you wish to stop using Android apps on your computer.

Final Words

We have tried to include all the possible information and details about the ACMarket application in this article.

In case you have any further queries or doubts relating to ACMarket on Android, feel free to get in touch with us by leaving a comment below, and we will be more than happy to help you in any way possible.